I've had so many people comment over this shoot and for good reason - Theresa is PHENOMENAL. She radiates beauty and elegance through this whole shoot and beyond. My favorite things about this session: 1. Milk + roses = gorgeous. 2. Dark lipstick. 3. Theresa's unbridled confidence. If you've ever thought about a milk bath session, here's what it could look like!


I've worked with Deirdre several times and she is incredible. I always have so much fun with her, especially since she's 100% fearless. This glitter shoot was so much fun, intense and beyond messy ... but so worth it. ;) 


I've known Tanesha since middle school but I haven't seen her in years! Teaming up with her for this boudoir session was such a blast and she's stunning! I'm so excited to share these images of her.


Marissa has the most contagious and beautiful smile, laugh and demeanor! That mixed with being such a gorgeous woman, this shoot was a dream! I loved that Marissa decided to add some emerald green into her shoot as well as the bold black lace babydoll outfit. Her friend, Shelby Pettengill, did her stellar makeup! The biggest thank you to Marissa for letting me share these images of her. <3


I had shot with Amber for a boudoir session once before so when she said she would be willing to be Amethyst Boudoir's guinea pig for our first body glitter session, I was thrilled! She is not only so lovely, but incredibly fun to work with and adventurous! We had a blast learning how to apply this much glitter and use the light best to show off how sparkly she was.