Kate Michaud Millett

Thanks for stopping by to hear about me and why I created Amethyst Boudoir! I work full time as a wedding + family photographer at Kate Michaud Photography with my wife, Alicia. We both have our own photography projects outside of our wedding business and Amethyst Boudoir is mine. I stumbled into boudoir in 2015 and it was so much fun, I couldn't not dedicate time to it. 

The mission of Amethyst Boudoir is to create an empowering, beautiful + safe environment for individuals to invest in vulnerable and powerful portraits of themselves that they're wildly excited about. Each person on this earth has their own story, their own visions, their own beliefs, their own trials, joys and tribulations --- so it only makes sense to me that your session is curated just for you. 

With that said, it means I'm going to dedicate a ton of my time into making your session a representation of you. This includes e-mails, phone chats, coffee dates, inspirational photos, location scouting -- I'll give you my all! I'm so passionate about this so if you want to chat with me about boudoir photography or about a session you've had on your mind... trust me, I'd love to hear from you!